About the artist

Born in 1992 in the northern town of Basel in Switzerland, I started like most children early on to make pictures. I lived from 2005 to 2012 in England, there I found my art style, that I enjoy and still practice. However, at that time I did not concern myself for the usage of any colours. White, black and all shades of grey was my preferred pallet. These days I could hardly work without the usage of bright colours.

In 2018 I was able to finish my apprenticeship and studies at the culinary institute. I was fascinated to learn during my studies about the chemical reactions that occur while cooking or preparing food. Indeed, the mathematics that is used to calculate, predict and determine the end results I found most fascinating, which led me to experiment and try new things out. My art is quite different to other artist, as I like to focus a lot of attention to the primer for each of my pictures, in other words for the background.

As I do not use shading, nor any light references the pictures seem at first two-dimensional, but by my usage of my special primers, I can give my pictures a certain debt and indeed three dimensions. For my primers I use such products as eggshells, tee- and coffee-dregs, hair, aluminium, copper, bronze- and silver-dust. even the peels of onions and peanut shells where victims of my art. This process allowed me not only to create beautiful colours, but also chemical reactions that I captured and can be seen in my art.

However, I do enjoy to use different styles and try new ways to capture what I see, hear and feel. I am very open to experiment and try new things to expand my knowledge and perfect my technics. Therefore, you can be sure to expect new, exciting and different art.